100+ Good Morning Love Messages - Romantic Wishes

100+ Good Morning Love Messages - Romantic Wishes Do you know that the best moment in the morning is just to send a message to your love, to wish you a great day, to show how much this person matters in your life?  No matter what your reasons and intentions are, it is really worth sending basically the perfect morning greetings, and we consciously worked hard on the lesson for you as we know your worthy love but most  not good.  Don't they?  Here is a beautiful collection of romantic good morning cards and good morning messages for lovers with images.
Mornings without you feel different. I feel like I need to do something extra to make myself happy, because you are the main reason I smile when I wake up. Anyway, I miss you, and I hope you’re having a wonderful morning. Top of the morning to my favourite human in the world! I hate waking up without you, but I hope that you don’t feel as miserable as I am right now. May your morning coffee taste like the best cup of coffee ever. 

Are y…

Here are 30 Mahatma Gandhi quotes that will inspire you

The birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi ( Gandhi Jayanti ) is celebrated on 2nd October as a national event across India . This day is observed across the world as International Day of Non - violence . Mahatma Gandhi contributed tirelessly and selflessly in India's freedom struggle for Independence . Mahatma Gandhi's ideals were satya ( truth ) and ahinsa ( non violence ) . Through his philosophy of truth and non - violence he paved the way for India Independence from Britishers . Mahatma Gandhi was called as the Father of the Nation . He was the harbinger of hope for not only India but the world . Not only did Mahatma Gandhi contributed significantly in India's freedom struggle against the Britishers,but through his iconoclastic vision inspired people across the world to raise their voice against any kind of discrimination  like caste , color , religion.
Here are 30 Mahatma Ghandi quotes that will inspire you on this Gandhi Jayanti
If we could change ourselves, the tendenci…

120 Good Morning Quotes with images to inspire you

120 Beautiful Good Morning Quotes and saying  to share with your family and friends to wish them in a new day.Motivational good morning quote for his or her. Qquotes on good morning to your family's.A good morning quotes to your loving wife or husband.Quotes for good morning to your children's to inspire them.Morning quotes for your beautiful girl friend to bring smile in her face.good morning beautiful quotes for beautiful girl. good morning inspirational quotes to inspire your office workers.beautiful good morning quotes to your lovely sister.Now let see Good Morning quotes and saying. Welcome to a very new beautiful day with smile.quotes and sayingsWake up in a brand new day with happiness, positive thoughts, and good things will come your way! 1.Don't wake up with the regret of what you couldn't accomplish yesterday. Wake up while thinking about what will be able to achieve today. Good Morning! 

2. You are a rare gem, an exclusive, a limited edition. There is only on…

भगवान सुप्रभात फोटो, भगवान गुड मॉर्निंग फोटो, Shubh Prabhat God Images

Hello Dosto, Aap sabhi ka sawagat hai mere blog par. Dosto Iss article me apko apne dosto ya apne chahne walo ko good morning wishes karne ke liye kuch wishes milenge.Aap chaho to in Savi ka istemal Kar ke apne dosto ko wish Kar sakte.To ye rahe kuch Bhagwan सुप्रभात Photos and Good Morning Quotes अभिमन्यु की एक बात बड़ी शिक्षा देतीं हैं, हिम्मत से हारना, पर हिम्मत मत हारना जय सियाराम। शुभ प्रभात! दामन को फैलाए बैठे हैं,  अल्फाज - ए - दुआ याद नहीं। मांगू तो अब क्या मांगू, श्याम तेरे सिवा कुछ याद नहीं।। सुप्रभात..
राम का हूं भक्त, मैं रूद्र का अवतार हूं, अंजनी का लाल हूं, मैं दुर्जनों का काल हूं। गुड मॉर्निंग ..
जिसको भगवान की कृपा पर भरोसा है, और उनके न्याय पर विश्वास है उसको संसार की कोई स्थिति विचलित नही कर सकती। सुप्रभात..
जिंदगी में किसी से अपनी तुलना मत करो जैसे चांद और सूरज की तुलना किसी से नहीं की जा सकती क्योकि यह अपने समय पर ही चमकते है। बम बम भोले..
साईं तुम हो मेरे दीन-बन्धु, मात-पिता चरणों में तेरे हरपल हो मेरा नमन आप दे दो मुझे शक्ति अपार बाबा, तुम दे दो मुझे भक्ति अपार बाबा। श…

विश्वकर्मा पूजा कब और कैसे मनाए। Vishwakarma puja wishes, messages and quotes 2020

सृष्टि के समस्त देवताओं में भगवान विश्वकर्मा को वास्तु शास्त्र और तकनीकी का जनक माना जाता है। प्रतिवर्ष 17 सितंबर को विश्वकर्मा पूजा बड़ी ही धूमधाम से मनाई जाती है, मुख्यत व्यापारिक प्रतिष्ठान और कल कारखानों में विधिवत पूजा की जाती है ताकि देव शिल्पी की असीम अनुकंपा बनी रहे।

ऋग्वेद के 10 वीं अध्याय के 121वे सूक्त में लिखा है विश्वकर्मा जी के द्वारा ही धरती, आकाश और जल की रचना की गई है। विश्वकर्मा पुराण के अनुसार, आदि नारायण ने सर्वप्रथम ब्रह्मा जी और फिर विश्वकर्मा जी की रचना की, कहते हैं कि उन्होंने ही देवताओं के घर, नगर और अस्त्र-शस्त्र आदि का निर्माण किया था। ओडिशा का विश्व  प्रसिद्ध जगन्नाथ मंदिर जो विश्वकर्मा के शिल्प कौशल का अप्रतिम उदाहरण माना जाता। विष्णु पुराण में उल्लेख है कि जगन्नाथ मंदिर के अनुपम शिल्प रचना से खुश होकर भगवान विष्णु ने उन्हें शिल्पा अवतार के रूप में सम्मानित किया था।पौराणिक कथा के अनुसार माता पार्वती की इच्छा पर भगवान शिव ने एक स्वर्ण महल बनाने की जिम्मेदारी विश्वकर्मा को दी। महल की पूजा के लिए भगवान शिव ने रावण को बुलाया, लेकिन रावण महल को देख इतना मंत्रमुग…

Happy Birthday wishes messages and quotes

When you are preparing for the birthday of the person, close to you, as a rule, the first thing you think about is a present. You want to find an ideal present, which will impress everybody, not only a birthday boy or girl! However, looking for the best present, almost all people forget about the most appropriate congratulations! Sincere words are as important as a good present. In this case, it’s even possible to use such a common phrase which claims that not a present is important, but the way you give it! That`s why you should always remember to prepare the most interesting and unusual happy birthday paragraph! The content of all birthday congratulations always depends on the person. If you are going to please him or her, it`s important to take into account. You shouldn`t be limited to banal phrases and usual words. All people want to hear the words, prepared exactly for them! It`s important if you want this person feel special! Are you going to congulate your best friend with his or …